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Virtual Events

Are you replacing a live meeting with a virtual event? Producing a virtual event takes a well-crafted plan with a focus on creating a robust online user experience. Our options range from immersive meeting platforms to live broadcasts on established platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom. We guide you to the right product that fits your event goals and budget.

Types Virtual Events

  • Shareholder and regulatory meetings 
  • Employee training and communications 
  • Product launches and promotions 
  • Industry conferences and tradeshows 
  • Sales meetings 
  • Corporate events 
  • New product launches 
  • Government meetings 
  • Forums 
  • Education Instruction 
  • Special events 

Virtual Event Studio


Pre-production is an important consideration for hybrid or pure on-line events.  With pre-production the stress factor for the presenters can be reduced since there is complete process for a perfect presentation.

Main sessions can be pre-recorded and then live Q & A can take place.  This eliminate technology and connectivity challenges for remote presenters.

Interactive Event Platform

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