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Design and Fabrication

Spectrum Productions is the go to scenic company that can turn your creative vision into reality with high-impact scenic designs guaranteed to wow your audience. Our scenic design and set design department is respected nationwide for imaginative concepts and flawless executions. Our artists and designers will work with you to create renderings that let your see exactly what your stage set will look like once the vision comes to life. Extensive local scenic stock in Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami.



When your vision is so unique, you only want scenery and stage sets that showcase it, then you need Spectrum Productions. We are well known for creating corporate theater with custom and modular rental scenery stage sets.  The sky’s the limit when our designers get to work on creating event experiences like never seen before.

Sometimes meetings and events do not call for large-scale custom designs so modular rental scenic stage sets are the appropriate choice. Rental scenic stage sets can be set up easily and are flexible enough to provide your messaging and theme without the expense of a custom project.

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Spectrum Productions

Spectrum Productions offers turnkey production and support for any size event. All of our equipment and service offerings utilize the latest in audio, visual, lighting technology and trends in scenic production. Every client event is treated as a major event because customer service is our top priority. With over three decades of experience, we can help you create impact out of an idea and come up with a custom solution to fit your needs.
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions3 days ago
For this event, we used a Yamaha M7CL and EAW speakers for the sound and for the lighting, our Jands Vista running Martin Mac2000, PixelRange 110 and ETC fixtures. Get on our level http://bit.ly/2N1IKvJ #eventprofs #meets
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions4 days ago
Whether you're utilizing a small venue or a large one, we can help your vision become a reality! #avtech #conferences
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions5 days ago
Isn't this space stunning? This large room was made to feel both intimate and relaxing through our lighting techniques. #meetingplanner #audiovisual
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions6 days ago
This is a Mahalo Panel Scenic Set we created at the Hyatt in Clearwater Beach. Mahalo Panel sizes range from 8' to 14' tall. http://bit.ly/2NSC7wh #eventprofs #meetingsprofs
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions7 days ago
Did you know that we offer various rental packages? Our flypack broadcast pix package includes not only the 3 Hitachi HD-Z5000 camera with true broadcast but two Panasonic HE-120 robotic pan tilt cameras and so much more! #avtech #audiovisual
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions1 week ago
#Producers, meeting planners, event organizers, corporations, production companies, and exhibitors all look to us to create an impact out of an idea. #eventprofs http://bit.ly/2Q2CWjy


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