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What do we do?

This is the part that really gets our juices flowing. Making a show come alive. Audio. Lighting. Scenics. Video. The vision created in the planning stages now hits the show floor and begins to take shape. You can count on Spectrum Productions to use only state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for crisp images, flawless sound, spectacular lighting and fantastic scenics. And we just love it when a plan comes together.


Event Design

The design of any event must have a core theme which is integrated into all components to drive home the message and event objectives. When asked to participate in the creative portion of designing an event, we can collaborate with a company’s event team or work to provide creative concepts based on intelligent mining for information. Simply put, we don’t create just to create. Our creative recommendations are based on a customer’s input and objectives.

Once the theme is decided upon, it must be executed with excellence and consistency. Any theme can be communicated through graphic design, a slogan, video, décor, food, music, lighting, scenic staging and floral design. Other elements that we consider when designing an event include specific site selections, agenda development, budget and viability studies.


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Spectrum Productions

Turnkey production support for any size event for Audio, Video, Lighting and Scenic.
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions22 hours ago
We were honored to be a part of an event by a major event producer. The production highlights from this rental and staging project included Stafford Panels, Chickies scenic elements, and LED lighting. https://spectrumproductions.com/ #eventprofs
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions2 days ago
Scenic Carpenter (Full Time)

Spectrum Productions is an industry leading rental and staging company specializing in full service audio visual production and dry hire rentals of video, audio, lighting, and custom stage sets. Spectrum Productions services meetings, special events and trade shows, and touring clients nationally and internationally.

The Scenic Carpenter will be responsible for the design, fabrication, and installation of theatrical set/scenic pieces for high-end live meetings and events. Travel is often required and hours extend beyond the usual 9-5, including weekend work.


• 4+ years experience in SCENIC CARPENTRY not construction
• Good working knowledge of CAD programs
• Experience with table saw, routers, band saw, pneumatics, welders, and CNC machine
• Metal fabrication, acrylic, and plastics experience
• Theatrical scenic experience helpful

Job Requirements:

• Manage on-site installation of scenic at hotels and convention centers
• Lead a crew loading in / setting up / loading out of scenic pieces onsite
• Assist with rigging, audio, video, and lighting as needed
• Repair existing set pieces, soft goods, and cases
• Fabricate required set pieces per plans
• Interact with clients and speakers in an upbeat, positive, and professional manner

Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions2 days ago
"If you can’t fly, then run.
If you can’t run, then walk.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.
But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
#MLKday #MLK
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions5 days ago
Can't decide between a single, wide display for your event or a series of smaller, dynamic displays? With our widescreen setup, you (and your speakers) can enjoy both. This widescreen can be customized to show a panoramic view for your morning presentation and three separate portraits for your keynote speaker in the afternoon. http://bit.ly/2pVz7U3 #eventprofs #AVprofs
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions6 days ago
You don't always need a lot of magic tricks to get your message across. Sometimes, you just need a really, really big screen. http://bit.ly/2pTfUTd #eventprofs #stagedesign #AVprofs
Spectrum Productions
Spectrum Productions7 days ago
We're looking back on one of our favorite stage designs, which was for the NASCAR Nationwide / Camping World Truck Series Awards Banquet at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel in #Florida! http://bit.ly/2pVz7U3 #NASCAR #eventprofs #AV #audiovisual #avprofs

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