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WideScreen solutions for meetings, events, and tradeshows.


   What is WideScreen?


WideScreen refers to a larger than life video technology.  WideScreen screens range in size from 24 feet wide to 100 feet wide and more.  WideScreen is created by edge blending multiple projectors together to create a seamless image.

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  • Creates screens much wider than 16:9 
  • 2, 3, or more projectors are blended together 
  • Special video processors make it work
  • Far higher resolution than LED walls or tiles
  • Images, PowerPoint, Motion Graphics,  & Live Video 

How you can use it


Easier than you think.  Our experience combined with the most advanced equipment allows your to incorporate widescreen with less effort and expense that you might expect.  WideScreen is a unique technology that transforms video into scenic.  Most of our widescreen projects involve using the widescreen as a backdrop to a stage.  WideScreen is also ideal for digital signage in a tradeshow environment.


  • Scenic
  • Screen with Multiple PIPs
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Imersive Full Screen Movies
  • Ready to use motion backdrops
  • Christie / Vista Spyder x20 technology
  • Analog Way DiVentix technology


How Much Does It Cost


Often widescreen can be implemented for less than the cost of a scenic solution.  With widescreen you get a dynamic scenic with the ability to radically change the set with a click of a mouse.  On the tradeshow floor, widescreen can cost less than printed, and again, the power of dynamic content cannot be undervalued.  Both our Vista Spyder x20 1608 and Analog Way DiVentix packages provide a path to widescreen.  While solutions can vary radically, a simple implementation can be done for less than  $9,000.00

  • Green, no consumables
  • Multiple looks for one price 
  • Tremendous Impact!!