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Planner Tips




General Tips

  • Audio-Visual services are a major component in implementing successful meetings and events.
  • Conferences, meetings, and events vary in size, structure, and content, and so do their audio-visual requirements.
  • There are three core components to the Audio-Visual portion of a meeting: Meeting Manager, Equipment and Technicians.

Presentation Requirements

  • Identify your presenters’ audio visual requirements and communicate these needs to your room scheduler and AV service provider.
  • Select a venue that is well suited to the presentation requirements.
  • Where multiple AV providers will be involved (as when the presentation will be video recorded), make those introductions.



  • Confer with your room scheduler and AV service provider to determine how the event will be staffed: by a member of your staff, the AV provider, a third party, or some combination.
  • It is helpful to have one staff member concentrate on the presenters while others follow through on room set-up, catering and other logistics. Two units are required for redundancy.


  • Work with your room scheduler to assign times to activities.
  • Set up time for the building staff to access the room to set up the chairs, tables, and other set pieces.
  • Schedule technical set up time once room is in readiness so that AV and other specialty providers can set up.
  • Set Tech Check time when technical set-up is completed for planners and presenters to review their presentations and learn about equipment and room controls, often scheduled 30 to 60 minutes before the event start time.
  • Set the actual start time of the event.
  • Determine the actual event end time.
  • Set the strike time for providers to remove furnishings and equipment.
  • Circulate the event logistics to the relevant providers to insure that they will have staff and equipment available for the event. Make adjustments where necessary.

Cue Sheet

  • The cue sheet is a timeline of activities within the event (sessions, order of presenters, breaks) and should include any same day, pre-event requirements for the providers and presenters.
  • The cue sheet should also list the key event staff and their contact information.
  • Circulate the event cue sheet to all presenters and providers.

Walk Through

  • Review the cue sheet and any room layout diagrams in the venue with the room scheduler, AV provider, and other providers. .
  • Identify and assign responsibility for any loose ends.